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With its threefold offer based on its lab, software and services, J2S helps corporations, studios and agencies manage their multi-channel marketing operations to sell their products or promote their brands.

Our mission

  • Design and develop software solutions to streamline our customers' publishing processes,
  • Help companies solve time-to-market issues, increase performance and reduce cost in connection with their marketing operations,
  • Create leverage to strengthen the relationship between the Announcer and the creative studio.

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With an expertise in multi-channel publishing solutions developed over 15 years, J2S is focused on the success of our customers’ projects.
Our ADN is to listen and find ingenious solutions to our customers’ pains. R&D center for its customers, supported by leading partners, J2S assists you on the long run with a perfect knowledge of the tools and technologies involved to quickly deliver proof of concepts and prototypes to finally acquire and retain new customers.


J2S offers software solutions to collaborate, produce and publish digital and print material.

  • Simple : With its many years of experience, J2S knows how to simplify the adoption and use of its solutions.
  • Powerfull : J2S adds high technological value to improve productivity, allowing users to go up the value chain. Our platform allows the integration of third-party solutions and interact with data from multiple sources (DAM , CRM , ERP , PIM , OPI , Adobe DPS , Aquafadas...).
  • Long lasting : J2S designs solutions on a sound and modern framework so as to ease functional enhancements and take into account future changes in controlled budgets.

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To be successful, a project depends upon the right understanding of the needs to fulfill, the quality of the deliverables and most importantly of its adoption by the organisation members.

J2S services include :

  • Consulting : J2S assesses your environment and resources to provide an insight on actionable steps to optimize your production processes.
  • Project management : J2S project management methodology results from the analysis of many projects led successfully with its customers. Various workshops involving the key members are organised to ensure every stakeholder is involved.
  • Support and training : J2S supports you on all or part of the project according to the needs and requirements of your organisation.

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